High quality output

We focus on producing high quality output

Intelligence and passion

We work with intelligence and passion to control minimum resources necessary

Selection and concentration

We devote ourselves to do the valuable business for our clients and society by selection and concentration

Consistent stance

Thinking of our identity to support clients’ goal achievement, we maintain a consistent stance toward our policy

New unique value

We keep focusing on new unique value without prejudice

With clients, industry and society

We work hard to make the world better place with clients, industry and society

Being honest

We have to be always honest, not fear failure and not avoid arguments

Fair evaluation

We evaluate our members by their outcomes and abilities, not by academic or business background

Self-growth and fulfilling life

We have the goal to provide good environment that makes employees and their families happy. And we make effort to give back our profits to employees as much as possible. Rather than working for just salary, we continue to be a company that contributes to clients and society, and support our member’s development


Company name

A-zas, Inc.


July 2013

Company Address

Ikeda Building 3F, 1-7-15, Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan


105 million yen


Akihiko Nishi

Main bank

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking