We provide unique big data systems to make human activities better.



Our innovative AI will realize high productivity improvement

The digital information revolution has been finished the phase to spread Internet. And also we have faced new era to focus on building the concept about IoT, Big data and AI.
But, now, as for these new topics, there are several misunderstandings that robot like Astro boy would increase immediately in our town or the system of AI is too complicated to make new business model, and so on. So, people tend to not discuss the utility provided by these new technologies.
To change these circumstances, we aim to create the new values that systems obtain data of human behavior as automatically as possible by IoT in order to make human ability more powerful and effective.
We provide services to automatically convert human behavior into data by IoT without forcing people to put into data by manual.
And these systems will change the humans to new breed that can improve their activity and find the best activity plan to get better performances.
As Internet has provided the opportunity that everybody can obtain information equally to struggle with others in business field, our aim that new technologies of A-zas will give every business persons the opportunity to make them stronger.

To convert human behavior into useful data by IoT automatically.

To analyze behavioral data instantly and show the new useful indicators.

To be able to convert even small amount of data to unique valuable indicators by our algorithms.

To stick to make the interface of service attractive in order to use them more.



By unique and useful index presented by mathematical model AI,
We will make sales productivity in pharmaceutical companies improve